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Above is the Merlin MRP Factory 8 Home Screen.
It works just like a flow-chart for processing production jobs.

The Stand-Alone MRP System

The top row is where you manage your basic data: Customers & Suppliers (CRM), Resources (inventory and manufacturing processes), and Assemblies (Assembly Definitions and Bills of Materials (BoMs).

The second row is where you Create your Production Jobs, run the Shop Floor processes (check for on-shelf shortages, run the MRP process to create subassembly jobs and purchase materials, allocate, issue and print pick lists), and Receive Goods into Stock.

The bottom row is where you sign-off finished assemblies into stock, and Despatch them to you customers, with Delivery Note and Invoice.

Along the top you will see a row of tabs which take you into the various departments (colour-coded with the buttons), where you you will find many more detailed functions and processes, such as maintaining production lines, and stock categories (Degradable, Hazardous, etc.).

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How do I get started with Merlin MRP Software?

Businesses who are manufacturing products (assemblies), and subassemblies, either on a production line or at work-stations in a factory, industrial unit or job-shop.

Who would use
Merlin MRP Software?

Well, if you are new to the world of MRP, this interesting little YouTube video will tell you what is at the core of the
Merlin MRP System.

So, what exactly is MRP?

MRP Software Working for You

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How do I learn more about
Merlin MRP Software?

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