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Inventory Categories Management

Merlin MRP Software System Stock Card Detail

Above is a fragment of the Merlin MRP System Resource Record Card Screen, showing the Stock Categories display area.  Hazard Notifications are applied to Stock Categories, and appear automatically.

Merlin MRP System Stock Categories are maintained on their own screen (see below), which can be accessed directly from the Resource Record Card by clicking the “view or SELECT CATEGORY” button as shown on the left.

A Notes field is available for each category, to allow unlimited further information to be entered.

When a new Stock Item is entered into the system, it will automatically display any Category Hazard when the Stock Category is selected.

If no Stock Category is selected, the Merlin MRP System will Automatically Apply one using the first two character of the Part No, when the Data Validation option is run, on the server when closing Merlin.


Merlin MRP Software System Stock Category Detail Shot

Here is the Merlin MRP System Stock Categories Management Screen, showing the Stock Codes listing.  By clicking an item you can edit it, or using the Navigator buttons can add new categories.  You can set a Stock Hazard Warning to any category when you create it, or later by editing.

Hazards linked to a Stock Category Code here will appear on all Resource Record Cards for items in this category.

Stock Listings can be viewed or printed grouped by Stock Category.