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Merlin released the first (in the world, so far as we know) PC based MRP manufacturing software in 1992, a time when such powerful MRP software applications were the exclusive province of massive business computers.

Merlin MRP Factory 8 is our industrial manufacturing MRP system, which incorporates security, administrator assigned user access levels, production control, a faster, more efficient easy-to-learn interface, and other benefits which are explained in more detail on the Detailed Information page.

The power of this MRP system software is encapsulated in a friendly and easy-to-use interface which was the subject of careful development in its own right, and can be downloaded from this website and run immediately in Educational & Learning User form FREE OF CHARGE.  When you are satisfied with its immense power and timesaving abilities, and if you need to, you can upgrade to Commercial User, and/or add Multi-User Licence Packs.  You pay nothing unless and until you need to upgrade, and are happy that this is the MRP system for you.

Just a click will run the MRP process, creating works orders, subassembly jobs and materials purchase orders for one, a linked group, or all of your production jobs.



Download the software and start using it FREE for Education or Evaluation

Purchase licences later as required for commercial use, and/or take advantage of our full corporate service with installation and setup on your network with on-site training.



Merlin MRP Factory 8  is a new generation of manufacturing software which manages your Manufacturing Resource Planning. At the heart of the MRP Program is the ability to rapidly calculate subassembly and materials requirement and shortages for all, any, or a selection of your active production jobs.  Subassembly jobs are automatically generated and scheduled and materials Purchase Orders are raised and scheduled as a part of the MRP process.

WiP Schedule enables you to see, at a glance, the status of all your scheduled shop floor activities, actual shop floor activities, and work-station analysis.  Colour coding emphasises jobs or production stages that are due or late.

Fast BoM creation makes this chore a pleasure, and is augmented by the ability to import BoMs from your CAD package, or Microsoft ExcelŽ spreadsheets.

Custom development work can be undertaken to tailor the Merlin program to your exact needs.

To help your decision-making process you can download and immediately start using this MRP software FREE OF CHARGE.

Depending upon your budget and the level of service you require, you can choose from the Merlin MRP Factory or Merlin MRP Corporate, with on-site installation, setup and training carried out by Merlin on your premises where the system is handed over to you up-and-running


you can download the software from this website, install it and learn to use it yourself (in FREE Educational user mode), plus the online Merlin HelpDesk, then when you are ready, purchase your Merlin Key online Additionally, you can choose from two levels of Software Support & Maintenance, the first level being FREE.





Organise all your manufacturing resources in one place.  Materials, piece parts, assemblies, subassemblies, manufacturing resources, human resources, all together as required for quick access and maintenance.  Now with Warehouse Management that allows you to maintain and move stock between multiple locations.

Suppliers and customers organised on a central file for easy use, with one-click email creation and website access.

A one-stop shop to define your assemblies, and at a click of a button, build and maintain your BoMs, replicate to new releases etc.

Enter all Sales Orders, and authorise for production when ready.  Until authorised, sales orders are not active jobs, and cannot be seen by manufacturing.  Job collisions on any given route are reported and the system will re-generate logical Start/Finish dates if required.

The MRP process can be run at any time by the click of a button. Calculates all subassembly requirements, and automatically creates Works Orders, sub-jobs and materials Purchase Orders in seconds.  you can stop the process at any point if you need to change anything before committing.

Run MRP for a single job for shortages of the full kit.  Alternatively, you can run shortage checks, allocate materials, print Pick List and Process Lists, Issue Materials for all or part of a run, or de-Issue materials, each at the click of a button.

In addition to the MRP process, you can control stock against many criteria, such as Minimum Stock levels, Minimum Purchase quantities, etc.

We are only scratching the surface of what the Merlin MRP System can do.  Please click here for more information.